Scorecard Planning

If you’ve never used a vehicle scorecard before, it may help to plot out your metric goals before diving head first into custom metric scorecards. Make sure they align with your fleet management goals/KPIs, and driver policy. Use the following table as a guideline for planning purposes. Use the PDF icon above to print. One example is provided.

Metric Weight Measurement Threshold Scoring System
Count Speeding Events 25% Custom Scale Over Posted Speed 10+ MPH 100 Points = 0 Events
60 Points = 10 Events

You can create a vehicle custom metric for any of the following types:

  • Vehicle Scorecard*
  • Sum Scorecard
  • Hours Vehicle Stopped
  • Hours Vehicle Idled
  • Runtime Hours
  • Distance Vehicle Traveled
  • Count Vehicle Stops
  • Count Vehicle Idle Stops
  • Count Vehicle Landmark Visits
  • Count Driver Assignments

  • Count Speeding Events
  • Count Alerts Triggered
  • Maximum Speed
  • Average Delta for Posted Violations
  • Average Speed for Speed Violations
  • Count Acceleration Events
  • Count Deceleration Events
  • Count Drivers
  • Average Idle Hours