Protecting Your Drivers Remotely

How do I take a proactive approach toward protecting my drivers while they are out in the field?

One option is to equip your drivers with a means of alerting dispatch/safety personnel of an emergency incident when they are in a remote location* and/or cannot readily access their mobile phones.

But how, you ask?

With Remote Panic, of course!

How does Remote Panic Work?

A driver in an emergency situation presses the On remote panic button on the keyfob. This triggers the Switch alert to notify the preset recipients (such as the Fleet Manager, etc.) of the emergency, as configured in the Portal.

*Cellular connectivity at the driver’s vehicle location is required for the alert to be sent. The keyfob’s range may be reduced if inside a garage or enclosed structure.

Hardware Requirements

The use of the Remote Panic Switch Alert requires appropriate hardware:

1) GPSI PNP or GPSI-5000

2) Keyfob Remote

Do You Have an Example of How This Would Work in a Real-World Scenario?

In fact, one of our customers using the Remote Panic capability had a particularly interesting use case. Just months after implementing our GPS solution with the Remote Panic option, a lineman was in a raised bucket working on a line in an area with very dry brush and rampant wild fires. Suddenly, the line sparked and set fire to the brush below. The fire quickly spread to the lineman’s truck, setting it on fire. He was able to get down but when he did, the cab was engulfed in flames and his cell phone was in there too. With a simple press of a button on the Remote Panic keyfob, Dispatch was alerted to the emergency, and thanks to our software, they knew exactly where to go and pick him up. In this instance, having Remote Panic helped prevent a dangerous situation from becoming a tragic one.

What was left of a co-op vehicle after a lucky driver used our Remote Panic capabilities to alert dispatchers of the emergency. View a full case study of this capability in Business Fleet’s magazine blog: