Promoting Driver Adoption of GPS Tracking

Many human resources professionals report that it is beneficial to notify your workers before you install a GPS tracking system. If some people have a fear of being watched, the last thing they want is to be secretly watched. Instead of promoting fear, promote driver adoption through these five tips.

1. Publicly announce that you are installing the units

In groups, and individually, explain why the GPS tracking system is being installed (to increase driver safety, resolve customer disputes, etc.) and what it will track (speed, idle time, etc.). Follow up this announcement with detailed e-mails and information posted on your company’s website. You may also ask for decals from your GPS provider to put on the vehicles.

2. Focus on benefits

Tell employees that GPS tracking protects them (by saving vital time and location information) if they are involved in an accident, proves them right regarding attendance issues, increases driver safety by keeping overall speeds down, increases profits with better routing and dispatching, and much more.

3. Offer clear-cut incentives

Put together an incentive plan to reward good drivers for following your new objectives and reaching goals regarding daily fuel use, safe driving, idle time, and so on. Drivers should be aware that the more money they save (or make for) your company, the more they will benefit. Give drivers straightforward goals they can focus on in their daily routines. Some companies found it beneficial to create quarterly contests, such as the driver who reduces the most overall fuel usage gets a gift certificate or other reward.

4. Be upfront about privacy issues

Tell your drivers exactly how much the GPS tracking system will be “watching.” Equally as important, assure drivers that occasional, minor infractions will not be penalized.

5. Write a formal policy

Compose a formal policy about your GPS tracking system, new employee expectations and incentive opportunities. Have your employees sign and date a copy and include it in your employee handbook. This way, everyone stays on the same page. Make sure your drivers know that your decision to use GPS tracking will help and benefit them as well as your company.