Professional Installation 101

Proper installation is the key to a successful GPS tracking solution. In other words, if your devices aren’t reporting properly, even the most advanced software isn’t going to provide much value for you. If you’ve decided to invest in a professional installation, what do you need to know? This article provides our answers to important questions about implementation.

How many vehicles can an installer do in a day?

In a nine hour work day with one hour for lunch, a single technician can complete 8-10 standard GPS installation (1+ installation per hour). If vehicle conditions are poor, weather impedes the installation, or additional accessories are purchased, the per vehicle installation time may increase, thus the number of installs completed per day might decrease.

How many installers can come out at once?

Depending on the install location, additional local technicians may be available; however, this may come at an additional travel cost and is dependent on vehicle availability and volume. Typically, the number of technicians assigned to a project is dependent upon the number of vehicles, which can be made available over ‘X’ hours and over ‘X’ number of consecutive days. For example, 100 vehicles at one location need standard GPS Installation. If the customer can make 20 vehicles available each day, two techs would be assigned to the project (2 vehicles every hour over a 10 hours), completing 20 installs per day over 5 consecutive days.

Do all vehicles have to be at one location?

No, we can travel to any location at .56 cents per mile, and depending on volume and location lodging charges may apply. Grouping as many vehicles to a single location for install will reduce travel charges and is recommended for expediting installation projects.

Do installations have to take place indoors?

No, its best to install outdoors, in the open, where the GPS units can easily acquire a GPS and Cellular lock. Inclement weather may reduce the number of installs which can be complete in a day, and if indoor installation is not an option, weather may delay the installation schedule.

How can I help manage an installation project?

Provide a vehicle list of each vehicle’s year, make, model, VIN and vehicle label along with the requested install location and a single point of contact for all vehicles being complete at each location. In addition to this, appoint a customer project manager to oversee the initial deployment and assist with communications to all site contacts.

How much will installation cost?

Pricing is specific to the hardware and hardware accessories requested for installation. You may provide us with a list of each vehicle’s year, make, model to receive an accurate quote. Once you receive an installation quote, keep in mind that they are valid for 30 days because installer availability varies. If past 30 days, the quote must be reconfirmed with the Mobile Tracking Installation Department.

What happens if some of my vehicles are not available?

Cancellation of a scheduled appointment must be given within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment. Should a vehicle not be available during the scheduled appointment outside of the 24 hour cancellation window, a no-show fee of $50 will be apply to each vehicle. (See terms and conditions.) The vehicle is then placed on a follow-up schedule and its installation coordinated with other no-show vehicles, or as a standalone installation request.

Can we do our own installations?

Yes, but Mobile Tracking highly recommends the use of one of our preferred installation vendors. Mobile Tracking offers free installation coordinating assistance, and with a single third-party installation vendor, you’re guaranteed to have uniform installations across your fleet, installs completed in less time, as well as every device verified and registered. If you choose to do self-installation, the GPS devices must be installed and verified according Mobile Tracking‘s standard operating procedures to avoid hardware warranty issues.

Do installers work after hours, at night, or weekends? Does it cost more?

Yes, after hours, nights, and weekends are acceptable, but an onsite customer representative is required. Sunday and after hour weekend requests may come with additional charges, depending on your project (size, location, frequency). For large installation projects, this is the preferred installation method, but it does require adequate customer support should vehicles need to be moved, jump started, etc.

Does installing GPS devices void the vehicle warranty?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your vehicle warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket or recycled part. The manufacturer or dealer must show that the aftermarket or recycled part caused the need for repairs before denying warranty coverage. Therefore, the burden is on the manufacturer or dealer to prove that the aftermarket product caused the failure of the warranted product before denying warranty coverage.

What happens if an installer doesn’t arrive to a scheduled appointment or damages something?

Each GPS installation will be completed by one of Mobile Tracking’s approved vendors, all of whom are trained according to industry standards and certified by Mobile Tracking. Although Mobile Tracking maintains this standard, issues happen from time to time that cause the technician to miss the appointment. Should a Technician not arrive to a scheduled appointment, no installation charges will be charged to the customer and the installation will be rescheduled in a timely manner.

How long after installation can I begin seeing vehicle data in the system?

Vehicles will be registered in the application immediately after installation. The vehicle may not appear on the map until it has been driven.

I need to verify my installation