Driver Policy Letters (Samples)

As part of the implementation process, it is recommended to inform drivers of the GPS unit installation. The most successful fleet management programs include good communication of established policy and facilitate driver coaching to ensure compliance.

If you’re not sure where to start with that process, an updated driver policy letter may get the ball rolling. The following sample policy letters are available for you to copy, modify, and make your own.

Notice of GPS Evaluation

We are in the process of evaluating our company vehicle’s performance in order to add efficiencies and promote improved service in line with the new driving program we are implementing. We are evaluating a new telematics solution, Mobile Tracking, to help departments better manage their vehicles. This solution will assist our company in achieving our fleet goals of reducing fuel costs, increasing driver safety, and improving utilization efficiencies.

We’re asking for your help to participate in the processes. An installation team will install a small GPS device on a select group of company vehicles, which is capable of tracking driving activity. This program may eventually be pushed out to all vehicles and departments. No action is required on your part during this evaluation period aside from drivers driving as they normally would drive and users trying out the new system.

Some employees within our organization will be provided with access to the Mobile Tracking online portal. Those users will receive a welcome email with login information. Users will also be auto registered for training courses, and live training will also be offered. We would greatly appreciate your cooperation during this trial period.

Over time, alerts may be enabled to suggest more effective driving behavior when appropriate, but please understand that these alerts are for informational purposes to help us understand what goals to set and what level of coaching to offer.

We thank you for your participation in ensuring the quality of our results. The GPS unit will not interfere with daily tasks. If you have any questions, please contact ________ at _____________.

Thank you,
Management Team

Driving Company Vehicles Policy

Only approved XYZ Company employees may become Authorized Drivers. As an Authorized Driver for XYZ Company, the employee named above agrees to the following company policy:


  • “Driver is the employee authorized by XYZ Company to operate the vehicle.
  • “Vehicle” includes any company-owned or operated vehicle of any size, used for transporting passengers, property, and/or towing trailers.

Drivers are to abide by, and will be held accountable for adhering to, the following policy items. Disciplinary action may be taken for violation of any of the items in this policy. These items may not constitute a complete list of required safe driving procedures.

  1. The Driver shall be responsible for the safe and legal transportation of the Vehicle, the trailer and its contents, and all passengers in the vehicle.
  2. The Driver shall abide by all state and local laws regarding operation of the Vehicle.
  3. No one other than the Driver is allowed to operate the Vehicle.
  4. The Driver must “log in” via his/her Driver App (or Driver ID keyfob or Garmin device, if applicable) upon startup of the Vehicle.
  5. The driver shall perform daily pre-trip inspections of the Vehicle and trailer, in addition to weekly inspections.
  6. The driver and all passengers must remain seated with seat belts buckled while the Vehicle is in motion.
  7. Our Vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS). This system monitors speed, location, and routes to increase our fleet’s efficiency. Drivers may be subject to discipline for:

a. Tampering, removing, or in any way disabling the GPS device
b. Late Arrival and/or early departure times
c. Unnecessary engine idle times (over “x” minutes of idling)
d. Use of vehicle or trailer after work hours
e. Other potential misuses of company time and/or property

  1. The Driver shall abide by all laws, including speed limits. If a Driver is found exceeding the speed limit by “x” mph or more, he may be subject to disciplinary action. When towing a trailer, the driver must not exceed “x” mph, even if the posted speed limit is greater than this.
  2. Cell phones should not be used while driving. (insert policy on hands-free devices here)
  3. There is no smoking allowed in the Vehicle.
  4. The Driver will not eat or drink while the Vehicle is in motion.

Mobile Resources Management Acknowledgement

To further its interest to increase productivity; aid in quick deliveries; routing organization, promptness, and efficiency; and to promote safe work practices (e.g., driving within the speed limit), XYZ Company has installed mobile monitoring systems/devices in many company-owned vehicles. The following applies:

  • Employees will be notified during new employee orientation that XYZ Company will be utilizing mobile monitoring systems/devices.
  • Employees will be notified there is no personal “expectation of privacy” while working/operating/driving a company-owned vehicle on public roadways for XYZ Company. What this means is that XYZ company will monitor the driver and the location and movement of most company vehicles.
  • Monitoring will be initiated for many employees driving or performing work on behalf of the company in company-owned vehicles. Continued use of a company-owned vehicle by an employee and having the knowledge of mobile monitoring systems/devices constitutes consent for XYZ Company to access the data provided through and by the systems.
  • Mobile monitoring systems/devices can record and display location and movements as well as vehicle idle times, maintenance, sustainables (Fuel range); fuel usage, etc. (not an all inclusive listing) to establish history that XYZ Company can access at any time.
  • XYZ Company reserves the right to utilize mobile monitoring systems/devices only during work hours and/or whenever equipment is being used.
  • Employees working on behalf of the company agree and understand that mobile monitoring is a condition of employment, performance will be monitored, and employees held accountable.
  • Employees may not damage, disable, or shut down mobile monitoring systems/devices in an effort to sabotage the unit and/or data recorded.

Data will be collected, stored and maintained at each branch location and in some instances, at the corporate office. XYZ Company will comply with all federal and state laws as well as collective bargaining agreement verbiage related to GPS monitoring in the workplace.

The Driving Company Vehicle policies may address additional policy requirements concerning this topic. Appropriate disciplinary action, up to termination of employment, will be taken by XYZ Company against employees found to have engaged in a prohibited use of company-supplied electronic tools and information.

XYZ Company reserves the rights to terminate, modify, or suspend this policy, in whole, or in part, at any time without prior notice.

As an employee of XYZ Company, I understand that I am expected to adhere to this and all other personnel policies as a condition of employment. Further, I have read, agree, and understand the terms of conditions outlined within the Mobile Resource Management Policy.

Employee Name ______________

Employee Signature  _____________

Date _____________


Driver Policy Example

The following are examples of a full Driver Policy, which you can amend to suit your business requirements. When active, this policy applies to anyone who drives as part of their work, whether driving their own vehicle or one provided by the company.

Dash Camera Policy

More and more companies are implementing dash camera use in vehicles to increase driver safety. If you are interested in implementing dash cameras or have already purchased dash cameras and you are wondering where to start with a Dash Camera Policy, please use the following link to download a sample dash camera policy.